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Life Clips, Inc.  (OTC BB: LCLP)


OTCSR Report on LifeClips, Inc. (LCLP)

LifeClips, Inc. (OTCBB: LCLP) is launching an innovative new line of cameras that pick up where GoPro (NASDAQ: GPRO) left off. LCLP has three models of body cameras that record an event from several perspectives and streams the video to the web. LCLP’s cameras are a result of years of research and testing and include a standard body type lower priced model, a standard body type design that can record either horizontally or vertically and live stream, and a patent pending remote camera that will have a slim profile with an actuating lens for those hard to reach shots.

LCLP's cameras are small and designed to be very easy to use. However, the primary focus is to create a durable design that can be used in many rigorous situations. All of LCLP's devices can be controlled by the Life Clips Camera App on a mobile phone using the iOS or Android operating system. But, LCLP is taking it one step further by allowing all users to seamlessly store video to the cloud and/or broadcast events live by streaming. If you have ever taken a video on your moble phone, you know there is no easy way to transfer it to your PC. LCLP wants to eliminate the pain of transferring footage from their cameras to a PC or phone and then to an app.  To the best of our knowledge, there is not another camera on the market that lets a user can capture the same event from two perspectives.

In our opinion, we see a strong demand by users to want to capture different angles of an event, just like when you watch a sports show or movie on TV. Imagine parents at a soccer match with one camera filming from the parent's perspective and one from their child's. How about a skate boarder with a camera on his body and one under his skateboard, or being able to record a snow skiing trip with a camera on your body and another on your ski? This technology is coming and LCLP plans to hae their cameras available for purchase in Q2 2016. These features create an entirely new world of options for consumers and the newly listed shares of LCLP could create big stock market gains for shareholders.

LCLP’s core business is to allow individuals to capture and use content.  LCLP is introducing a camera similar to GoPro (NASDAQ: GPRO) that allows multiple views and is easy to use.   LCLP develops hardware and software solutions to provide individuals a rugged video device which allows consumers to record and take pictures in situations where mobile devices would be prone to breakage. T he device can then help users with managing, sharing and enjoying engaging content.


LCLP’s capture devices create excellent quality videos and pictures at affordable prices. Their products are designed to be small and very easy to use. However, the primary focus is to create a durable design that can be used in many rigorous situations. All of LCLP’s devices can be controlled by a remote control app on a mobile phone using the iOS or Android operating system with the Life Clips Camera App.


All of LCLP’s devices allow users to seamlessly store video to the cloud and/or broadcast events live by streaming.  LCLP seeks to eliminate users having to transfer footage from their cameras to a PC/phone and then to an app. LCLP’s App allows full camera control from a mobile device and the Life Clips App enables a customer to allow its friends or business associates to watch their event, not just live, but also remotely while they are doing it.


By making the capture seamless, we believe that management and editing of photos and videos will be much easier. Cloud based storage will provide a simple way to keep memories without using local storage on your phone. LCLP’s App also allows videos to be sent directly to leading social networks and content platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Vimeo and YouTube.  The Company anticipates releasing its first products in Q2 2016. The Company anticipates raising capital for the release of these products by selling equity or acquiring debt.

Addressable Market

Action cameras are used to not only capture extreme action sports activities but are also used by families and vacation activities as well. In fact, families are the number one consumers of action cameras. These cameras can capture high-speed and high-quality images. Regular cameras are not designed for rugged conditions, including extreme weather. Additionally, many users of action cameras simply need secure mounts while performing some type of activity that eliminates the ability to use a mobile device. Action cameras are compact, lightweight, designed for rugged conditions, and can be worn by the person or mounted on vehicles, sports apparel, or in places where mobile devices cannot reach.

The worldwide action camera market grew by 44% in 2014 reaching 7.6 million units, with a staggering retail value of $3.2 billion. This figure does not include accessories sales. Unit sales rose 38% in North America and 114% in the Asia Pacific region. The analysts forecast the Global Action Camera market to grow at a CAGR of 22.2 percent over the period between 2014-2019.

Innovative Offering

LifeClips is introducing innovative new models of action cameras in Q2 2016. The cameras will be the first to offer live streaming as part of the applications. The cameras will have the following standard features:

  1. Pivoting lens that moves up/down and right/left.

  2. Android or IOS App to control the camera functions and streaming.

  3. 2-inch intuitive touch screen.

  4. Waterproof case with external mounts for standard camera accessories.

  5. Large, simple to use, convex record button.

  6. 6 MP still images.

  7. External battery clip case with external mounts.

  8. 32GB of memory, expandable to 128 GB

Live streaming is here to stay. Evidenced by Twitter's Periscope for mobile devices, which has quickly accumulated over 10 million users. LCLP hopes to introduce LifeClips cameras that will allow users to stream live their own individual life situations. Weddings, graduations, concerts, etc. can now be seen all over the world. Links to the live stream are established in the LifeClips App which allows for public or private viewing. Videos and pictures can also be pushed to Facebook, Twitter or any social media site.

The price point will enable many more users to purchase the LifeClips cameras. The cameras will be sold individually with anticipated prices ranging from $149 to $199 or bundled for $299 to $349 depending on what the user wants.


As LCLP establishes retail distribution agents and outlets in North America, Asia, and Europe, revenues should increase, along with the stock price.  LCLP's plans also call for creating applications to monetize the picture/video content created by users of their cameras.  This is one area where GoPro has left consumers wantig more.  LCLP plans to make their cameras much easier to use.   

LCLP should be able to reate new markets/applications for their cameras. Because the LifeClips cameras can live stream, we believe that a significant market growth opportunity is available for LCLP, such as home inspections, realtors providing live tours, medical collaboration, law enforcement cameras, and online learning.  The Company has agressive plans for expanding markets with our cameras such as smart home devices like doorbells, locks, security, and home controls.  If you are looking for a small company that has the potential to get big fast, LCLP could be your top pick. 


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