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OTC Stock Review: Award Winning Small Cap Stock Picks Since 2004

OTC Stock Review Investor Relations

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OTC Stock Review has delivered results for hundreds of Small Cap companies. Our program is designed to get your company in front of investors, increase trading volume, and add new shareholders.

Published since 2003, OTC Stock Review has earned its place as one of the most respected guides available to investors in the small cap market. Founded by an ex-stockbroker and full Service Investor Relations executive, the foundation and strength of our Company relies on our ability to recognize corporate and investor value as well as introducing this value to an establish network of accredited investors and financial professionals. 

We provide investors with ideas on our favorite fast-growing microcap situations, companies with less than $250 million in market capitalization. We identify this under-researched part of the market as companies with less than $250 million in market capitalization. The OTC Stock Review uses a Bottom-Up approach to investing by focusing on a specific company rather than on the industry in which that company operates or on the economy as a whole. Using a combination of fundamental and technical criteria to identify growth stocks with tremendous upside potential, OTC Stock Review boasts nearly 100 stock picks with returns between 50% and 1,250% in the last three and one half years. You can find more information about us in this this section of our website.

In the past, we have featured 4 or 5 companies as investor relations clients along with 10 or 12 companies we believe to be timely stock picks. Our IR clients are introduced to our subscribers on a fully disclosed basis and generally met with high regard. We are highly selective about what companies we work with and always keep our subscribers best interest as the top priority.

The print version is extremely high quality, 8-pages with a magazine like appearance. Registered as a periodical with the U.S. Library of Congress, our ISSN Number is 1939-3113 for our printed publication and 1939-3121 for the online version. Free to subscribers, it is distributed to 12,000 investors who read us for our strong technical picks. About one-third of our readers are brokers or fund managers and the balance are active investors looking for Small-Cap growth opportunities.

In addition to our newsletter, we also publish a report on your company and utilize our proprietary email list as a means of introducing it to our subscribers. 90 to 95% of the people who get our email alerts do not get our printed version, so there is little overlap in the subscriber base. Our program also includes building awareness in your company by utilizing social media. Our program is extremely successful and will serve as a means of getting your company recognized in the investment community.

Additionally, we also offer one-on-one relationships with numerous brokers and fund managers. We are always expanding our database of these individuals and they, in turn, look to us for fresh ideas on growth stocks. You will find our fee extremely reasonable and our results to be exceptional.

For a proposal and complete list of services we provide, please call David Kugelman at (404) 281-8556 or by email at

Our proactive campaigns are custom designed to strengthen each client's presence in the investment community by disseminating breaking news and fundamental positions to key decision makers, servicing existing shareholders, and soliciting institutional coverage.



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