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Ealixir, Inc. (OTC: EAXR)

Ealixir Inc. (OTC: EAXR) is an artificial intelligence company specializing in the management and protection of digital identity and computer technology rights. By providing individuals and businesses with the ability to control and edit information posted on the internet, EAXR helps its customers manage their online identity. The Company provides its customers the opportunity to choose the links that appear when someone searches for them on an internet search engine. Based in Milan, Italy, EAXR currently has offices in 25 countries, including 18 operational offices and 7 representative offices. EAXR has provided service to over 500 clients worldwide, none of whom have exercised their right to have their application fee refunded.

On October 26, 2020, EAXR announced a $5 million best efforts equity offering through the sale of 2,000,000 shares of its Common Stock at USD $2.50 per share. Upon closing of the Offering the Company intends to file a registration statement with the SEC in order to become a full reporting company and uplist to trade its Common Stock on the OTCQB. As part of this effort, Ealixir has engaged BF Borgers CPA, PC, an independent auditor and PCOAB registered accounting firm, to conduct an audit of its Consolidated Financial Statements for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2018 and 2019. On an unaudited basis, EAXR generated annual revenues of $5,650,350 and net profits of $1,171,728 for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2019. Revenues for the fiscal year ending year ending December 31, 2018 were $1,346,872 with a net loss of $19,835.

Ealixir provides its clients the ability to control and edit information posted or otherwise available on the internet by choosing which links appear in an internet search.

History and Concept

Established by Italian businessman Enea Angelo Trevisan, Ealixir specializes in the management and protection of its client’s digital identity. According to market and consumer data provider Statista, almost 4.57 billion people, or 59 percent of the global population, were active internet users as of July 2020.1 Since the internet has become the first place most individuals look for information, incorrect information can compromise both the reputation and credibility of a person or a company. Ealixir provides its clients the ability to control and edit information posted or otherwise available on the internet by choosing which links appear in an internet search. Ealixir’s mission is to guarantee accurate results in the management of the digital image, by best supporting and assisting their customers. With offices in 28 countries, Ealixir provides 24-hour customer service, a money back satisfaction guarantee, and intends to utilize the increased equity capital to expand its operations into additional countries throughout the world.

EAXR utilizes a proprietary algorithm capable of analyzing 90 million pieces of information in a tenth of a second to quickly monitor all sources of news related to the inquiries requested. EAXR does not work with those who have been found guilty of committing crimes related to drugs, criminal organizations, violence against women, or crimes against minors. Prior to working with any client, EAXR requests their FBI criminal record and make sure it is clean. The Company has established an Ethics Committee that analyses each individual client and authorizes each individual contract. The Ethics Committee is chaired by Dr. Antonio Valentini, former Governor of the Central Bank of San Marino.

Services Provided to Individuals and Businesses

Ealixir Removal – protects the reputation of clients on the worldwide web utilizing the Company’s innovative technological platform. It carries out its service in 30 countries throughout the world. It commenced operating in Europe in 2014, arising out of a ruling from the European Court of Justice which established the right of every European citizen to assert their right to be forgotten, applicable on the web for every link appearing on Google. To our best knowledge, Ealixir Removal is the only service that guarantees the removal of unwanted or unfounded links in all cases. EAXR offers a money back guarantee to its clients.

Ealixir Story – assists client in writing customized information for uploading onto the Web. Once Ealixir Removal is initiated, it becomes necessary to replace with deleted information with positive links about the client. EAXR employs professional journalists who are published by numerous websites, each of which is recognized by Google and other search engines as authoritative. This helps assure excellent SEO positioning.

NewsDelete – filters harmful financial information and misinformation from social engines. Ealixir NewsDelete is the only service in the world that is able to delete names from World Check, unless the client is a politically exposed person. World Check is a database, used by banks and financial institutions for compliance needs. It is based on the concept of “open source” or on the links on the web available to everyone. When the system finds negative links on a person – for example linked to a financial crime – that person ends up on World Check and the banks put in place a series of measures that prevent that person from the possibility of using the financial system in general.

World Check was originally a useful and legitimate tool, but over time it has been misused. As a result, many people who have never done anything wrong find themselves unable to use an ATM, obtain a mortgage, or enroll children in school in certain countries.

WebID – prepares detailed reports for individuals, brands and companies, understanding the health status of a digital entity. The service provided by EAXR is completely based on artificial intelligence and is able to identify the web Reputation of anyone with aseptic accuracy. This service is imperative to anyone who wants to prevent problems related to their business, personal, or commercial financial relationships.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) involves using computers to do things that generally require intelligent human behavior. AI systems can easily beat human grandmasters in chess, they have started to drive cars, and voice-controlled personal assistants are an everyday presence in millions of American homes nowadays.

AI technology is playing a greater role in our lives every day. The market for AI is expected to grow exponentially over the next few years. Research firm IDC estimates that AI systems will amount to a $97.9 billion business in 2023, up from $37.5 billion in 2019. That works out to a compound annual growth rate of more than 28%. recently published a report titled “The “Global Artificial Intelligence in Energy Market 2020-2024.”


Look for big things from Ealixir. Tesla is a great car company, but its real legacy will be the advancements the Company has made to battery technology. Similarly, Ealixir could potentially rewrite the way big tech companies do search results. Working with its clients to have some control over what comes up when someone searches for them is just the tip of the iceberg. Ealixir could significantly rewrite the way the internet works with its proprietary algorithms.

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