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Ehave Inc. (OTC: EHVVF)

In December 2019 we alerted our members to Humanigen (HGEN) at $0.50 before it moved to a high of over $30 six-months later.

See why Ehave (OTC: EHVVF) could make a similar move as the company enters a phase of unprecedented growth and unlocks potential value for shareholders

Ehave Inc. (OTC: EHVVF) is a leading Healthcare Analytics and technology company focused on progressing psychedelics-to-Therapeutics by engineering novel compounds and new treatment protocols for mental health. With a network of scientists and mental health professionals, Ehave is on a mission to create safe and effective therapeutics for patients to address many mental health issues while leveraging clinical data to help healthcare professionals achieve optimal patient outcomes. Ehave's operations span the entire USA, Canada, Jamaica, and Australia.

Four Reasons to Buy Ehave (EHVVF)

  1. Ehave recently received confirmation from the U.S. Food And Drug Administration ("FDA") that its review of Ehave's Investigational New Drug ("IND") application is complete. The FDA authorized Ehave to proceed with its clinical study, "An Open Label Study of Electrographic Responses Pre, During and Post, a Low Dose, Weekly Intravenous Ketamine Infusion for 4 Weeks, in a Study Population with Major Depression Disorder (MDD)," submitted under Section 505(I) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FDCA) for Ketamine Hcl.
  2. Ehave's operational KetaDASH subsidiary could be valued at a much higher multiple than what the market currently values it for.
  3. Ehave's MetaHealthU could change the field of healthcare analytics by allowing patients to own their health data.
  4. Ehave's publicly traded subsidiary Mycotopia Therapies has filed documents with the SEC for a triangular merger with Ei.Ventures and PSLY.Com. Ehave owns approximately 9,793,754 shares of Mycotopia Therapies, which are valued at $1.56 a share in the merger agreement with Ei.Ventures. In a May 23, 2022 press release Ehave announced plans to spin some of its share in out to shareholders and valued the transaction at $0.10 per Ehave share.

Technical Analysis Ehave (EHVVF)

Recent CandleStick Analysis of Ehave (EHVVF) indicates the stock entered a Bullish Engulfing pattern on December 12, 2022. A Bullish Engulfing candle encourages traders to assume a long position. It means that traders should buy the stock and hold on to it, with the intention of selling it in the future at a higher price.

Our EMA Analysis of Ehave (EHVVF) confirms a Bullish chart pattern on the short term, intermediate term, and long term basis. The The Exponential Moving Average (EMA) is similar to a simple moving average (average price over a set period) but it utilizes a weighting factor that exponentially declines from the most recent data point (recent prices are weighted higher than oid prices). OTC Stock Review's EMA analysis compares the short term (5 days and 13 days), intermediate term (20 days) and long term (50 days) EMA's. The respective EMA's will give bullish signals when trading above trailing EMA's and below the current price and vice versa. EMA alerts include crossovers (i.e the 5 day EMA crosses above/below the 20 day EMA) and EMA convergencies (5 day EMA equivalent to 13 day EMA).

EMA Analysis

Last Trade 5 day EMA 13 day EMA 20 day EMA 50 day EMA
0.0059 0.01 0.01 0.01 0.01
5 day EMA 5 EMA Above 13 EMA 5 EMA Above 20 EMA 5 EMA Above 50 EMA
13 day EMA 13 EMA Above 20 EMA 13 EMA Above 50 EMA
20 day EMA 20 EMA Above 50 EMA

The MACD Analysis for Ehave (EHVVF) indicates the stock is Very Bullish in the short term, intermediate term, and long term. The MACD analysis compares the MACD to the signal MACD line and their relationship to zero for any stock or commodity. The MACD is calculated by subtracting the 26 day[slow MACD] expotential moving average (EMA) from the 12 day EMA [fast MACD]. The MACD smooth line (also known as signal line) is the 9 day exponential moving average (EMA) of the MACD. The MACD histogram is the difference between the MACD line and the signal line. Stock technical analysis and alerts will include MACD trending, fast line crossover at zero, crossovers of the fast and slow MACD, histogram and convergences / divergences between the MACD, Signal MACD, histogram and stock price.

Fast MACD Slow MACD Fast vs. Slow
MACD >0 0.00 -0.00 slow>fast

MACD Trends: Compares the three most recent price high and lows for MACD trends.

Short Term Intermediate Term Long Term
Tops top0>top1 top1>top2 top0>top2
Bottoms bottom0>bottom1 bottom1>bottom2 bottom0>bottom2

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) Analysis for Ehave (EHVVF) is Bullish at 55.03. The relative strength index (RSI) is a momentum osciallator that is able to measure the velocity and magnitude of stock price changes. Momentum is calculated as the ratio of positive price changes to negative price changes. The RSI analysis compares the current RSI against neutral(50), oversold (30) and overbought (70) conditions. Alerts will inform you when stocks recede from oversold/overbought levels or breakthrough neutral (50).

A Fibonacci Analysis of Ehave (EHVVF) indicates a Bullish pattern in the intermediate term and long term. The Fibonacci analysis evaluates the short term (30 days) intermediate term (60 days) and long term trends (120 days) and retracements. Stocks that retrace 38.2% or less of a trend will usually continue the trend. Retracements exceeding 61.8% indicate a reversal. Alerts will include ABC's up/down (multiple 38% retracements) and various reversal signals.

Time Frame Trend 38.2% 50% 61.8%
Long 0.008 to 0.0031 . . 0.007 (79.59%)
Intermediate 0.0067 to 0.0036 . . 0.007 (109.68%)
Short 0.0036 to 0.0052 . . 0.0042 (62.50%)


In early 2022, Ehave purchased 100% of Rejuv IV and formed KetaDASH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ehave. KetaDASH provides mobile Ketamine treatments for treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, PTSD, and other conditions, as well as IV infusions with fluids, essential vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes to enhance the health and wellness of its patients. After an initial telemedicine visit, a team of experienced physicians, therapists, and nurses administer every KetaDASH treatment in the patient's home, office, or mobile location. Patients no longer depend on in-clinic intravenous, treatment, or unsupervised telehealth models.

Patients using KetaDASH enjoy the benefit of a prescribing doctor, a nurse for administration and monitoring, and psychotherapists for integration, all from the comfort of the patient's home. Ehave’s KetaDASH team is pioneering efforts in precision medicine through Ehave's partnership with Entheon Biomedical Corp.'s (CSE: ENBI) (OTCQB: ENTBF) HaluGen Life Sciences division. Ehave’s KetaDASH subsidiary is one of the first psychedelic companies to test patients with HaluGen's expanded psychedelics genetic testing panel. This panel analyzes a series of relevant DNA biomarkers and utilizes pre-screening mental health surveys to provide insights into an individual's risk and potential for adverse reactions with ketamine. Ehave's KetaDASH subsidiary is fully operational in Sacramento and San Francisco.

KetaDASH Miami

Ehave also has a mobile KetaDASH unit in the Miami area. The mobile KetaDASH unit is a custom high-end medical van utilizing KetaDASH's software platform. The KetaDASH Mobile Unit was specifically designed to focus on the efficacy of the treatment in a relaxed setting with the patient's safety and comfort in mind. KetaDASH focuses on health, wellness, and mental health in the Miami area. KetaDASH does not presently offer ketamine treatments in Miami but plans to start offering them in the first half of 2023.

KetaDASH Miami currently offers IV infusions with fluids, essential vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes to enhance the health and wellness of its patients. These infusions include IV Drip Detox and Hangover Cures, IV Vitamin Therapy for Pain Management, IV Hydration Therapy for Health & Wellness, and IV Therapy for Athletic Advantage and Fitness Recovery. Every infusion is administered by a qualified healthcare professional.

Follow KetaDASH on Instagram at


MetaHealthU could disrupt the healthcare analytics market, valued at $23.51 billion in 2020 and projected to reach $96.90 billion by 2030. MetaHealthU provides patients with a way to integrate providers and create usable data for researchers and clinicians to improve the care our nation's health system offers its patients. More importantly, MetaHealthU could be one of the first platforms for precision health and provide patients an opportunity to take ownership of their data. MetaHealthU focuses on interoperability, population health, and data ownership. It has created a system that will work by allowing patients to own their health data.

Ehave recently announced it had reached a milestone of 600 new users on its MetaHealthU platform during the last half of the year. The new users have found tremendous success with the platform and have compiled usable data on specific medical conditions like erectile dysfunction and fatigue. Many of these users have also used Ehave’s mobile services in KetaDASH Miami.

The Ehave team developed MetaHealthU as a powerful mobile application platform that empowers individuals to take complete control of their health and their healthcare data. With MetaHealthU, users can securely track all their health data from wearables, Electronic Health Records Systems (EHRs), doctors, and medical labs. The app is available for iOS 11.0 or later and Android. It includes a "digital file cabinet" for medical records. Users can log into their patient portals on various healthcare systems and medical labs and download their medical records in the digital file cabinet. Its features include easy-to-use navigation and search capabilities for users to collect, file, and tag their medical records on a mobile device. More information on MetaHealthU and a free app download can be found at


MetaHealthYuru is a personal mental health monitor that screens for early signs of mental health conditions, such as stress and depression. MetaHealthYuru uses voice analysis to screen for early signs of mental health conditions using a speech-based AI technology. Ehave’s MetaHealthYuru platform could potentially predict risk for various types of depression and mood and anxiety-based disorders years before a clinical diagnosis is obtained. The way it works is that it uses vocal biomarkers to recognize your actual emotional state and mood while tracking your mental health. Ehave’s AI technology can help detect and monitor subtle changes in the mental state by assessing individuals more frequently and objectively than the assessments used today. MetaHealthYuru can track your emotions and mood, analyze your mental state, and suggest potential treatments available for improving your mental well-being.

Mycotopia Therapies, Ei.Ventures, and

The biggest play on Ehave could be the company's stake in its publicly traded subsidiary, Mycotopia Therapies (OTC: TPIA). On May 18, 2022, Mycotopia Therapies Inc. entered into an Agreement and Plan of Merger to merge with a wholly owned subsidiary of This merger will be a triangular merger where Mycotopia Therapies will simultaneously merge with Ei.Ventures, Inc. and a separate wholly-owned subsidiary of will be the surviving company, and it has applied for listing on NASDAQ. Approval for the NASDAQ listing is a requirement of the merger, and according to Ehave's December 7, 2022 press release, the companies are still working with NASDAQ and the SEC. The way it will benefit Ehave shareholders is that Ehave owns approximately 9,793,754 shares of Mycotopia Therapies.

Here is where it could get really good. Documents filed with the SEC say Ei.Ventures shareholders will receive shares in based upon a valuation of $360 Million, and Mycotopia shareholders will receive shares in based upon a valuation of more than $23 million at the close of the transaction. Upon the transaction's closing, will have a market value of approximately $383 million. The valuation of Mycotopia's shares for purposes of the merger agreement will be $1.56 per share, which is the price Mycotopia Therapies was trading at when it began the merger process with Ei.Ventures.

Here is how it's going to work. At closing, each share of Mycotopia Therapies common stock will be converted into the right to receive 0.25 fully paid and nonassessable share of common stock. Each share of Ei.Ventures common stock will be convertible at closing into the right to receive common shares equal to the sum of $360,000,000 divided by $1.56, which will be further divided by the product of the total number of shares of Ei.Ventures common stock then issued and outstanding times four. At the effective time of the merger, Ei.Ventures shareholders will own approximately 59.5 million shares issued and outstanding of PSLY, and Mycotopia shareholders will own approximately 4.3 million shares of PSLY. The key here is that Mycotopia Therapies is valued at $1.56 a share for the purpose of the merger. Once again, Ehave owns 9,793,754 shares of Mycotopia Therapies. If you do the math, Ehave, with its $1.7 million market cap, could be sitting on $15.2 million worth of, which would be traded on the NASDAQ.

Ehave presents an exciting opportunity for speculative and growth-oriented investors. In addition to Ehave's Mycotopia Therapies stake, the company owns its KetaDASH subsidiary, MetaHealthU, and is developing partnerships with SelfDecode, COGAPPS, GoMeyra, and Vastmindz.


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