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Stemtech Corporation (OTCQB: STEK)

Stemtech Corporation (OTCQB: STEK) is a global direct sales marketing company developing science-based products that support wellness by helping the body maintain healthy stem cell physiology, also known as stem cell enhancers. Stemtech’s world-class direct-to-consumer sales force markets these all-natural plant-based, anti-aging, and longevity products. Known as the Stem Cell Nutrition Company®, the company is the pioneer in stem cell nutrition. Stemtech has also created the new category of ‘stemceuticals™’. The company’s products have proven effective at demonstrating that adult stem cells function as the body’s natural renewal system since 2005 when the company was founded. The way Stemtech’s products work is that they enhance and support the work of the body’s stem cells by releasing more stem cells, helping to circulate them in the blood and migrate them into tissues, where they can perform their daily function of renewal for optimal health.

This new OTC idea has a low float of 20.2 million shares, holds or licenses several U.S. and international patents and patents pending, and ranks as number 10 in Momentum out of over 700+ top global network marketing companies, according to ‘Business For Home’, the independent MLM industry publication. 

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  • Stemtech Corp.’s goal is to enhance wellness and prosperity around the world.
  • The key to Stemtech’s success is its people. The company markets its products internationally through independent distributors and its subsidiaries.
  • Before its restructuring, Stemtech was included in Inc. Magazine’s coveted Inc. 5,000 list of fastest-growing privately held companies in America four times.
  • Stemtech is growing rapidly, as its new Independent Business Partners (IBPs) increased by over 10% in January 2023 from December 2022.
  • The company’s intellectual portfolio currently consists of six patents in several countries.
  • Companies in direct sales, multilevel, and network marketing are often considered defensive and recession-proof since people look for ways to generate extra income when times get tough.

Stemtech Is The Gold Standard In Stem Cell Nutrition

Stemtech’s Stem Cell Technology

Stemtech has pioneered and patented a whole new category of dietary supplements. It markets its products under the following brands: RCM System, stemrelease3™, Stemflo® MigraStem™, , OraStem® Toothpaste (Oral Health Care), D-Fuze™ (Electro Magnetic Frequency [EMF] Blocker), and newly introduced Cellect One™ Rapid Renew Stem Cell Peptide Night Cream. Stemtech’s advanced Stem Cell Nutrition formulations are one-of-a-kind natural products designed to help support the five most important aspects of stem cell physiology:

  1. Releasing more stem cells.
  2. Their circulation in the blood.
  3. Migration into tissues, where they can perform their daily function of renewal and rejuvenation for optimal health.
  4. Oral Health Care with OraStem® Toothpaste.
  5. Cellect One™ Rapid Renew Stem Cell Peptide Night Cream – skin care, complete with an FDA patented ingredient for this Stemtech proprietary product launched in December 2022.

Stemtech’s products have harnessed the incredible power of adult stem cells. This process releases adult stem cells from your bone marrow into the bloodstream, circulating them to the tissues most in need. As they arrive, the adult stem cells migrate into the tissues, reproduce and become new, healthy cells of those tissues. This process occurs daily, even without tissue damage, as part of the body’s natural renewal system. It is essential to understand that Stemtech’s products do not contain stem cells. They are composed of clinically documented natural botanicals and other ingredients proven to support the performance of your adult stem cells.

Stemtech Corporation (OTCQB: STEK) has a low float of 11 million shares, holds or licenses several U.S. and international patents and patents pending, and ranks as number 10 in Momentum out of over 700+ top global network marketing companies, according to ‘Business For Home’, the independent MLM industry publication.

Stemtech’s World Class IBP Marketing Organization

Sales of Stemtech products create cash flow for the company. Its fundamental business model is not just “sales” but lateral penetration. Stemtech does this through its “Independent Business Partner” IBPs Sales Forces. The company invests significant resources into training its IBPs and growing its IBP base and VIP Customers. Stemtech has aggressively projected the addition of 30,000 new independent business partner reps over the next 12 to 24 months, adding to the existing IBPs. With an enhanced compensation plan, IBPs will be more incentivized to build their network and attract additional industry leaders. IBPs are a testimonial to Stemtech’s product and business model, lowering customer acquisition costs.

Shares of companies in the direct sales, multilevel marketing, and network marketing business are often considered defensive, recession-proof stocks since people look for ways to generate extra income when times get tough. Direct sales companies operate by recruiting salespeople to sell their products. These salespeople have an opportunity to build their own businesses and receive additional commissions from the sales of people recruited in their downline. Publicly traded direct selling stocks include Herbalife Ltd. (NYSE: HLF), Nu Skin Enterprises Inc. (NYSE: NUS), USANA Health Sciences Inc. (NASDAQ: USNA), Mannatech Inc. (NASDAQ: MTEX), Tupperware Brands Corporation (NYSE: TUP), and Nature’s Sunshine Products Inc. (NASDAQ: NATR). In January 2020, Natura & Co acquired Avon Products Inc., previously listed on the NYSE, for $2 billion.

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Stemtech Training and Compensation

While many MLM direct sales companies have a high rate of failure, Stemtech makes the success of its distributors one of its top priorities. The company has developed a viable, emotionally attractive group of products that are efficacious and validated in the scientific world. The company benefits from repeat sales as people bond to its products and use them regularly, which keeps its IBPs earning a steady income stream. The viability of Stemtech’s product creates the emotional bond necessary to continue sales. Many companies out there are based on everyday products such as antioxidants, vitamins, energy drinks, and newcomers, including cryptocurrency, Forex, and other financial ventures. The legitimacy, efficacy, and viability of Stemtech’s products provide its distributors with a better-than-average chance at success.

Many companies sponsor distributors and throw them into the deep end with little preparation or guidance. The absence of support is the primary reason most people fail in direct sales. Stemtech has a strong leadership culture and support system consisting of weekly ongoing seminars and constant contact to provide its reps with the proper training and guidance. In December 2022, Stemtech announced that its Leadership Event held at the Dreams Playa Mujeres Resort in Cancun, Mexico, was a huge success. During the week-long leadership event, the company celebrated IBPs from Taiwan, Canada, Mexico, Ecuador, and the U.S. while introducing new products and systems.

In addition to its world-class training, Stemtech provides its reps with quality, practical marketing tools. Many MLM companies offer little more than an introductory presentation and a website. Stemtech raises the bar by providing a fully functional back office, an attractive and marketable website, and the new Stemtech AdvanceOffice mobile app. The addition of this app, which the company launched in September 2022, allows its IBPs to take their Stemtech business to another level and succeed by operating their business from a mobile device. All of those elements combine into the system and provide the new distributor with an above-average prospect for success.

Most importantly, Stemtech’s compensation plan is more lucrative than other MLM companies. Many companies structure their compensation programs as rewarding but restrictive and riddled with hurdles. Stemtech believes the need for immediate and consequential income forces people to give up far too early. The company avoided using the breakaway plans common in the early days of network marketing, which encouraged individuals to build organizations. In this type of plan, leaders are encouraged to develop other leaders, but once the second leader becomes successful, they effectively break away and take all the volume created with them. This process forces the upline to continually rebuild their organization to sustain their income. Other MLM companies use a binary compensation plan, which creates a false illusion that all one has to do is build two legs, encourage others to do the same, and get paid. The problem is that binary compensation plans only pay on one leg, which requires the rep to balance their volume in cycles and keep the cycling consistent with getting paid. Stemtech, on the other hand, created a compensation plan that is fair, equitable, balanced, and does not include surprises. The front end of Stemtech’s compensation program not only encourages new distributors to go out and build a sales organization, but also dramatically encourages the acquisition of customers and pays them well for the business they generate. This equity and equality help to create a supportive culture and generate immediate income for those that follow the system and put in the effort and represents Stemtech’s commitment to the success of its reps.

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