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The OTC Stock Review is for investors with long time horizons who have the ability to ignore volatility in a small portion of their portfolio and focus on the individual situations. Investors who read our newsletter are primarily seeking an opportunity to make money in speculative stocks not yet discovered by Wall Street. Our objective is to offer ways for investors to expand their portfolios with lower-priced undervalued stocks and increase their knowledge of the investing in these types of companies.

We provide investors with a bi-monthly printed newsletter and offer email alerts throughout the market week. The OTC Stock Review provides a comprehensive review of financial market coverage. Our strategy with the OTC Stock Review is simple. We look for pure plays on our favorite fast-growing microcap situations in this often over-hyped, but under-researched part of the market, companies with less than $250 million in market capitalization. The OTC Stock Review uses a Bottom-Up approach to investing by focusing on a specific company rather than on the industry in which that company operates or on the economy as a whole. Using a combination of fundamental and technical criteria to identify growth stocks with tremendous upside potential, OTC Stock Review boasts 50 stock picks with returns between 25% and 1,000% in the last two years.


Our primary criteria for isolating specific situations are:

  1. Dominant business franchise
  2. Breakthrough technology
  3. Honest, competent management
  4. Insider ownership
  5. Little or no institutional ownership
  6. Excellent products and services
  7. Little or no debt
  8. Substantial profits and cash flows
  9. Usually considered overvalued

After screening literally thousands of companies that may or may not meet our primary fundamental criteria, we use a proprietary combination of technical disciplines to search for the stocks that appear to be ready to move to higher levels.

Since there is never a guarantee that any stock will go up, we suggest using an 8% to 10% stop loss on any trade. The preservation of capital is of utmost importance to anyone who invests in stocks. Remember these three important points:

  1. Losses destroy portfolios. It takes a 100% gain to recover from a 50% loss.
  2. Getting stopped out on a trade does not necessarily mean that the company is bad and should be avoided. It simply means you bought the stock at the wrong time and need to look for a more suitable entry point.
  3. The idea is not to speculate in the stock market, but to protect your capital.

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How OTC Stock Review Helps Undervalued Companies

OTC Stock Review can help undervalued companies realize their proper valuation through use of sophisticated promotional methods to pass information to the right hands at a required time of exposure. If your company is looking to expand to a new set of investors and gain the attention required to bring your company to the next level, OTC Stock Review can help. Our custom company profiles can create enormous volume in a seemingly unnoticed stock. By getting new eyeballs on your company, important company news releases may have even more impact and create a further upswing in a stock’s price-per-share (PPS). This will ultimately bring the profiled company in the spotlight of the general investment community, which will, in the long term, lay a stronger foundation base for the profiled company. This solid foundation and raised awareness can have a positive effect on all shareholders, as well as providing a more liquid market for the company’s stock. Please review our full disclaimer by clicking here.

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